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Hallowed Hills MC Details:

United States of America

Hello fabulous forum dwellers! Come join our friendly server, we have a dedicated staff and encourage community involvement!

Hello fabulous forum dwellers! I am fuzzysgirl, co-owner of the Hallowed Hills Server and Site:


Open 24/7

We are a small, tight-knit community. Our server has been around for over 9 months, We are looking for mature gamers of any age to join us for building and adventuring!

Some highlights of our features for your amusement:

Player market! Earn money by selling ore to the admin shops or running your own. Build your own town and sell the claimed houses to other players! We have also recently installed an optional jobs pluging, get paid for doing what you love to do!

Access to CraftBook features such as making bridges and building gates!

The Marriage plugin! Have your eye on that special someone? ;

McMMO which grants perks and power levels to your skills!



Jobs Plugin!

Mobcatcher! Gotta catch em all!

A heads plugin that allows you to get heads from almost every mob!

No apps, simply join the site for rank in-game!

Friendly environment, with a dedicated staff and strong anti-grief plugins!

Frequent staff run events such as:

Build competitions

PvP Tourneys


Fishing Tourneys


Win Prizes and Glory!

Our events are often featured on our dedicated YouTube channel:

Now open:

A Towny World!

See you server-side!


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By reaching 1,000 Votes, our members may receive 1 month of Premium Membership for FREE. If you are an admin and have reached it, contact us by clicking here and get your Bonus!