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Now we support votifier!

bukkit image

What is votifier?
A: Votifier is a bukkit plugin for minecraft servers, that notifies when a player votes for its server, in other words its a java voting system for minecraft servers.

How does it work?
A: When a player votes to a minecraft server he must inform his in-game nick, when he completes the voting process we will send all informations to the server. The votifier will recognize it and automatically reward the player who voted.

Where can we download it?
A: Follow this link:
Or you can also download here in our website: Direct Link (Version 1.9).
But we recommend you the first link to learn more about it.

Once i configure it, how can i enable it on
A: Login HERE and click on "HTML Codes", there you will find a form to fill. If you have any doubts you can send us an email.
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